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Dallas Children’s Theater conducts workshops for classroom teachers and specialists. In fun and highly participatory workshops one of our professional artists will demonstrate how the elements of drama, theater and improvisation can be used to enhance classroom learning. These programs can be offered after school or during a Teacher In-Service day. Let our highly experienced artists share their many talents and experiences with your teachers!


Improv! Workshops

Teachers learn innovative ways to connect with students. By exploring the world of improvisation and theater, teachers can bring out the creativity of their students and even themselves! Teachers will learn fun and unique activities that develop problem solving skills, teamwork, analytical thinking, creative thinking, self-esteem and physical awareness in students. The DCT artist will also demonstrate exercises that touch on key curriculum and class objectives such as:

— Main Idea
— Sequencing
— Summarization
— Verbal Flexibility
— Vocabulary Building and more.

This outstanding workshop can also serve as a team-building experience for your staff.


A Multi-Sensory Approach to Learning Workshop

In this hands-on workshop teachers learn how to connect with students in new and innovative ways. Through exploring the elements of form: i.e. line, space, rhythm, shape, texture, color, sound and silence, teachers can make a special connection to the creativity and gifts of their students and themselves!

Our professional artists can then demonstrate how to link these elements to current classroom curriculum. Dallas Children’s Theater artists have been working with teachers for years and have many exciting "tricks up their sleeves" that can work for you!


Workshop Details

Workshop Length: One and one half to two hours Maximum: 50 teachers/specialists
Space Requirements: A room large enough to accommodate number of teachers attending with space for participation. A large media center or auditorium may work well.
Cost: $400.00


For more information contact Nancy Schaeffer, Education at 214-978-0110,
or e-mail to

If you are considering a Workshop, we encourage you to book in advance,
as workshops are booked on a first come-first served basis.

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