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Whether online or in person, Dallas Children's Theater brings the performing arts into the physical realm, both on stage and using a variety of educational methods. We also offer another dimension to the learning process, helping children explore their individual creativity in an enriching and engaging way. We invite you to take advantage of one or all of these current offerings.


It is the best virtual field trip in town! Book your class now for one of our great Broadway-like shows and let our stage be your classroom. To get started, submit an online digital pass access request form. Any homeschool, pre-school, K-12 school, or daycare can access online performances through the field trip program. Schools do not have to be based in Texas or the United States to access these performances. Pricing: Ranges from $5 to $20 per person depending on the title and the number of accesses required.

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Book, Music & Lyrics by Joan Cushing
Based on the book by Harry Allard and James Marshall
Directed by K. Doug Miller

Estimated Run Time: 60 minutes

Kindergarten and up
Cost: $5 per person

Are you ready for some football?! Well...don't look to the Horace B. Smedley Tornadoes for a win because they've never even scored a single point! With an unfocused team that won't change their attitudes, Coach Armstrong goes crazy. So, Miss Nelson, the school's favorite teacher, calls in a trusted, but highly feared reinforcement in this zany musical spectacular. The bold and intimidating Coach Viola Swamp whips the Tornadoes into shape just in time for the big rivalry game. Ready. Set. Hut!

Show Themes: Humor, School, Sports, Team Effort, Hard Work

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By Philip Schaeffer
Music by Philip Schaeffer
Based on Edgar Allan Poe's "The Raven"
Directed by Nancy Schaeffer

Estimated Run Time: 45 minutes

Grade 4 and up
Cost: $5 per person

Quoth the Raven...."Nevermore." Meet The Raven Society: a group of nine dedicated to meeting at midnight to recite and discuss Edgar Allan Poe's poem "The Raven." Trouble is, it happens to be the 2020 pandemic, and health recommendations deem meeting in a graveyard – while appealingly atmospheric – just too uncertain for this spooky group. Surely a Zoom call would work just as well. But, what's this mysterious figure that keeps appearing? In this eerie, funny, and educational show, The Raven Society proves that true horror dwells within.

Show Themes: Creativity, Imagination, Social Distancing

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Written and Directed by Bruce R. Coleman
Co-produced with Booker T. Washington High School for the Performing and Visual Arts
in partnership with First Unitarian Church of Dallas

Estimated Run Time: 60 minutes

Grade 7 and up
(Contains adult language)

Cost: $5 per person

As more and more young people are coming to terms with gender identity and transitioning, there is a need for resources that can encourage conversation and understanding in a safe and open environment. Dallas Children's Theater is pleased to add this topic to its series of internationally-recognized teen issue plays. Andi is a transgender teen entering his first day of school identifying as a male. Former classmates recall his last name when they hear it, but there is something different about Andi that keeps the dots from connecting clearly in their minds. Soon his new teachers, classmates, and his classmates' parents will figure it out. How will they react? With aggression? With compassion? With confusion? Inspired by one teen's journey, ANDI BOI is told with a sensitivity towards Andi and uses wit, heart, and warmth to help audiences find their way to greater compassion and awareness. Setting up post-show conversations with subject matter resources is encouraged. Contact DCT for assistance.

Inspired by one teen's journey, this play is not attempting to represent the spectrum of scenarios that are going on in the transgender community, but rather to pave a way to start conversation and foster awareness and understanding.

Show Themes: Gender Identity, Tolerance, Empathy, Kindness, Growth

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These lessons are part of a curriculum drawn from and inspired by Paul Baker's Integration of Abilities and can be spread over a range of one to 14 weeks depending on your objectives. The Sensory Search exercises begin with asking the students to direct their attention to their own sensory experiences, i.e., what do you hear, what do you see, what textures do you feel, what kinds of sensations do you get from different kinds of physical movement, and what kinds of spaces do you like? Lessons are adaptable for grades second to sixth. The entire series is available for $90 per teacher per year. For more details, click here.



Dallas Children's Theater is pleased to offer these resources for teachers, students and others deeply involved in the teaching and learning process.


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This 30-minute production is based on the popular book, and is intended as a conversation starter for families. Teachers can access the production by filling out a form here. The free Lunch and Learn Talkback is available for viewing on the DCT site. Perfect for grades second and up. Learn More.

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Dallas Children's Theater (DCT) continues its commitment to using the power of theater to spark important conversation about race by producing a series of short plays by award-winning playwright, poet, and changemaker Idris Goodwin. These three short shows, dubbed the 'Social Justice Play Series,' are available completely free of charge. Programming is available for ages six and up. Learn More

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