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Passport to Imagination
Passport to Imagination
Passport Booklet

Get Your Passport to Imagination

All aboard! It’s time to journey to imagination. Our Passport Workbook makes every trip to Dallas Children's Theater even more fun.

1. Read the Book
2. See the Play
3. Earn Cool Prizes

How it Works

After reading the book and attending the show, complete the questions in your Passport to Imagination Workbook for that show. Once you answer all the questions for each show, bring your booklet to the Dallas Children's Theater Store* to receive your stamp! The store is also where you’ll be able to claim your prizes when the time comes. The more stamps you get, the more prizes you earn.

There’s even room for the actor’s autographs inside!

Just like a real passport book with stamps from around the world, at the end of the season you’ll have a great piece of memorabilia of your journey to imagination. So grab your backpack and join us!

Get yours today in the DCT Store. FREE to every kid in a Subscriber Family
$10 for single ticket buyers.

Number of Stamps


2 Stamps

2 Pencils

3 Stamps

1 Bookmark

5 Stamps

1 Free Concession

7 Stamps

2 Free Concessions

8 Stamps

3 Free Concessions AND You’ll be entered in a drawing for the chance to win a free birthday party for 10. (only 1 birthday party winner)

Bonus: Complete the Scavenger Hunt!

You’ll be entered in a drawing for a dozen Tiff’s Treats Cookies delivered! (Only 1 winner)


Print and complete these activities that are sure to spark your imagination!

Available Activities

Adobe Know Your Characters–Activity 1

Adobe Activity 1 (Answers)

Adobe Mixed Up Matching Madness–Activity 2

Adobe Activity 2 (Answers)

Adobe What Do You Think–Activity 3


Adobe Imagination Destinations–Activity 4



*The DCT Store is open one hour before each show, during the intermission and after the show.
Hint: the store is less busy before the show.



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