Here's something you might not know, even if you, dear parent, remember all the Schoolhouse Rock songs. Rhino Records put out a four CD collection in 1996 containing every Schoolhouse Rock tune, and it was added to the National Recording Registry, which means the music will be preserved for future generations to hear. Once you hear it LIVE, you'll understand why this is so important!

The Emmy Award-winning educational cartoon series is a pop culture phenomenon. Folks like me grew up with Saturday morning cartoons that we could watch in our pajamas with our sugary cereal from the time we woke up until around noon when the "grown-up shows" started. Schoolhouse Rock came on between shows, so it was kind of like a three-minute break from the commercial breaks. Without even realizing it, I had just learned how a bill became a law! Incredible!

The music was so catchy, and the lyrics so clever, I still remember many to this day. Test your parents' knowledge (or anyone who was a kid in the 70s - 80s) of the lyrics by seeing if they can fill in the blanks. Then, have the kids deduce which school subject shared a connection with that song.

Three is a Magic NumberSUBJECT:
"Somewhere in the ancient, mystic ___________, you get three."

Do the CirculationSUBJECT:
"It starts with your ___________, what a great sensation..."

Unpack Your AdjectivesSUBJECT:
"You can ___________ people, places and things."

KNOWLEDGE IS ___________

Just a BillSUBJECT:
"I know I'll be a ________ someday, at least I hope and pray that I will."

Interplanet JanetSUBJECT:
"She's been to the sun, it's a lot of ________"

Great American Melting PotSUBJECT:
"The principle still sticks, our heritage is __________"

DCT Staff Thoughts

Lolly, Lolly, Lolly, get your adverbs here.I didn't even need YouTube's help with that one. You probably didn't either. Schoolhouse Rock was and still is something very special, even though our Saturday morning routines might not be exactly the same anymore.

Schoolhouse Rock shows the power of music, right? When you set something to music, it just sticks in your head. I'm not talking about an earworm, when you get a song stuck in your head and can't get it out, I'm talking about using rhythm and melody to plant something important in our heads. When my son, Christopher, was three, we were trying to teach him how to spell and write his name. We were wishing we had named him Eli or something simpler, but we knew that he enjoyed Mickey Mouse Club, so we put his name to the tune of that song to help him remember: CHR-IST-O-P-HER.

It actually worked. Although now that he's fourteen, he just goes by Chris, but I'm confident he's still able to spell his name.

Schoolhouse Rock made learning things fun, and they were things that complimented exactly what kids were learning in school, but then also introduced ideas, like women's rights, that they wouldn't necessarily learn in elementary school. What a great way to kick off a conversation.

I miss Saturday mornings, and after watching some of these videos, I think next Saturday I'm gonna keep my pajamas on, pour myself a bowl of cereal with marshmallows, and watch some of these YouTube cartoons with my kids. I'm gonna sing along - loud and with unforgiveable enthusiasm that I would NEVER do if their friends were around! Then, we will still have time to make it to a DCT performance of SCHOOLHOUSE ROCK LIVE! If you ever wondered what could be more fun than watching the cartoons with your kids, it's hearing the familiar, beloved music live, with a live audience.

It wouldn't surprise me if there are a bunch of grownups embarrassing their kids as they sing along with our actors LIVE at DCT. I can't wait to see you there!

Sherry Ward
DCT Communications



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