A tale as old as time, indeed. A beauty and a beast that fall in love? How can that happen?

Disney knows how to tell a love story, even an unlikely love story such as this one, and not only does it teach a lesson that love and beauty come from the deepest part of our hearts, but it introduces one of the most colorful cast of characters ever to hit a stage.

I've learned kids think feet are funny. They're funny when we pretend they're stinky. They're funny because they have these little hungry little piggies protruding from them, and they tickle. So this activity should be a fun way to enjoy the title characters of Beauty and the Beast.

Materials needed:

  • Heavy paper for painting
  • Blue, yellow, white, brown, peachy-pink, and black craft paint
  • Two feet that can fit on the paper (it looks like these are both left feet, so it's good that craft paint is washable!)

Let's start with Belle:

  • Paint the whole bottom of your child's foot yellow and have them make a firm print on the paper.
  • (This is where you may need to help) With the yellow paint, finish her décolletage and skirt. You can point out how the shape and size of your child's foot makes this a unique portrait of Belle.
  • You or your child can paint in Belle's face and hair, and don't forget to add the little yellow accent.

Wash and dry that yellow foot!

Now the Beast:

  • Color your child's toes and heels brown, but color the middle (most ticklish part) white.
  • Again, have them make a firm print on the paper.
  • Fill in Beast's coat with yellow trim and blue, broad shoulders. Then add accents to his brown head. This is a good time to discuss what makes him a beast and not a gentleman. Is it his sharp teeth? His horns?

Once your child is satisfied, wash those feet and hang these on your fridge until time for you to come out to DCT for the show and see how they compare.

Source: thekeeperofthecheerios.com

DCT Staff Thoughts

I've got two boys and they always considered Beauty and the Beast to be a "girl movie" because of the singing. Never mind the princess and palace and romance, it was all about the singing. They don't like to watch people "singing feelings." Well, guess what! I disagree with these kids of mine. There is something special about a well-crafted musical, which this most certainly is. And I believe if they were to come, they would change their mind. Because it's not all about sentimentality, it's about real feelings and cause and effect and consequences. One character sings about how much he loves his muscles and another band of surprise characters sing about setting a table. It's no surprise this story, as told by Disney, has mesmerized audiences since I first saw the movie in high school. If you haven't shared this story with your kids, DCT is the place.

These activities are for you to enjoy while you are at home, and hopefully bring a little DCT fun into your quality time together. We have found that the more prepared our audiences can be before they get to the theater, the more engaged they will be as an audience. So please paint those little piggies and then be our guest for Disney's BEAUTY AND THE BEAST.

Sherry Ward
DCT Communications



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