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Robyn Flatt
A message from Robyn Flatt

Dear Friends,

Storytelling comes in many different forms. Children venture into it almost before they can fully talk. They think up imaginary friends and situations in the quiet of their rooms and tell loved ones tall tales from their imagination through pictures and gestures. What’s happening in their little brains is incredible!

For most of us, it is hard to remember the flurry of activity that takes place in those discovery years; how everything is bigger, brighter, and more spectacular. This is not a hard concept for the team at Dallas Children’s Theater. And this year marks a significant point in the life journey of our organization. For 35 years, we’ve been right there with the young ones as they travel across time and space; discover the importance of their words; work as a team with their friends; and, perhaps most importantly, when they connect with a story that lights up their world.

We are focused on highlighting our unique history of heartfelt storytelling, which you’ll see reflected in our choice of shows. There will be a sprinkling of theatrical treasures from earlier seasons including TUCK EVERLASTING and DIARY OF A WORM, A SPIDER, & A FLY, alongside shows like THE SECRET LIFE OF GIRLS and THE ISLAND OF THE SKOG. And, we’re thrilled to bring new works to our Dallas stage with shows like TREASURE ISLAND Reimagined! and THE SNOWY DAY AND OTHER STORIES BY EZRA JACK KEATS, among many other productions.

For 35 years, it has been our privilege to delight and entertain your children, grandchildren and you, for that matter, through the magic of live theater. At the theater, we feel so lucky to get to see life-changing moments in a DCT Academy class or the awe in a child’s face as they arrive for a student matinee performance. We invite all of you to join us for another exceptional year of storytelling and memory making as only DCT can provide.

~Robyn Flatt,
DCT Co-founder and Executive Artistic Director

Robyn Flatt

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