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Robyn Flatt
A message from Robyn Flatt

Dear Friends,

In our melting pot society filled with multiple generations, home means different things to different people. DCT celebrates that diversity in our 34th season lineup, themed Finding the way home. The journey through life is full of a variety of great and unexpected emotions, and families who spend the season with us will experience laughter, shock, curiosity, suspense, and a range of deep emotions.

Home can be described as the place that helps us transform into all we are meant to be. This season brings out stars like the Very Hungry Caterpillar, Charlie Brown, Frosty, Mowgli, and others as they take their quest to discover what home means for them. Much like we do every day, these characters will face dilemmas and push their own boundaries as they navigate to a safe, happy place. Whether that means home is where the heart is, where good friends gather, or where internal peace is plentiful, our 2017-2018 season will light up the minds and hearts of theater's youngest audiences as they search for their own way home.

When we see live theater, the characters and storylines put audiences in touch with their own memories, thoughts, and ideas in ways nothing else can. As we endeavor to learn new things, our Play in Progress workshops and Conversation Circles will appeal to all who seek to explore and stretch their creativity. At Play in Progress workshops for YANA WANA'S LEGEND OF THE BLUEBONNET and TREASURE ISLAND plays will be examined in their earliest stages of development. And teens will have the chance to bring their own lives to the forefront in a workshop titled "Where Do I Fit In?" In collaboration with Cara M'a Theatre Co., three Conversation Circles for YANA WANA'S LEGEND OF THE BLUEBONNET will focus on family, culture, and tradition.

Plan your greatest staycation ever at DCT this year and we'll see you soon at the theater.

Welcome home!

~Robyn Flatt,
DCT Co-founder and Executive Artistic Director

Robyn Flatt

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